100% Honest Truth About The Insurance Selling Industry

Give Yourself the Opportunity to Succeed Beyond Your Wildest Dreams!

  • Lead Generation: $10 Live Transfer Leads
  • Lead Generation: Incentive-based Marketing is thinking outside the box
  • Agent Contracting: Get IMO Levels direct from the carrier on Day One - Ethos, Quility, NLG, TransAmerica, Oxford, Foresters, UHL and others at 135%
  • Agent Contracting: Final Expense carriers that offer 170% on Day One
  • Agent Contracting: Medicare, Health and P&C expertise
  • Legal Expertise: Business Opportunity Sales Laws can make you rich
  • Social Media Tools: Excel at FB, Insta, YT, G, TT, X, LIn and others
  • Quote Engine Tools: Provide options to your clients by generating quotes and comparisons side by side
  • Free CRM for Insurance Agents that is advertiser supported: A Customer Relationship Management that tracks leads is a must-have for running a successful sales enterprise
  • Email, SMS & US Mail tools: An all-in-one platform to contact new and existing prospects
  • Insurance Agent Website Builder: A five star do-it-yourself platform

Gus Fox Sales Training

You will have to the tools and knowledge to be an elite insurance sales agent.

  • A one-on-one mentor will ensure that you have the proper knowledge, commission levels and business plan to succeed
  • Expertise in life, Medicare, health, annuities, final expense, and the various P&C product lines Selling in-person or over the phone
  • A proper business plan will propel you to be upper middle class
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Why Insurance Agents Love Gus Fox Insurance Sales Training?

Spot on training and tools. The goal is for you to control your business and livelihood.

  • Industry's Best Training: 1-on-1 mentorship experts
  • High Quality Leads: Fresh & exclusive with an emphasis on incentive-based marketing
  • Best Commissions: Direct from carrier contracts are best
  • Anti-MLM: Your job is to earn yourself a living, not become a victim of a scam. We will guide you on how to "scam" the scammers using Business Opportunity Sales Law
  • Lifelong Career: Completely dependant on your business plan, skillsets, and implementation
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What Is Incentive-Based Marketing?

Sadly, if this is not a concept that you are familiar with, then your insurance selling career will probably end badly. Join Gus Fox Sales Training. It is free, no obligation or expenses. We do not request your credit card to take advantage of resources which includes invaluable information to help you succeed.

Use Our Resources for Free!

Gus Fox Sales Training's founder, Gus Fox, has released final expense, Medicare, annuity, IUL and ACA health & Social Media training to the public.

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What do I have to do to be a top-level producer?

Have more questions about Gus Fox Sales Training Group? Join our free training portal. You will have access to a private forum where you can pick the brain of a seasoned sales pro. Implementation is key. We can show you the way, but it is your job to get there. That is why you are keeping 100% of the money.

  • You must be an expert on the product
  • On your product
  • On your competitor's product
  • On your industry
  • On what is going through your prospect's head
  • You must be an expert on getting in front of prospects (also called lead generation)
  • You must be an expert on appearing as a professional. This is why we provide you a free website builder for your business
  • You must be good at closing. No need to be an expert because you will get better as time goes on

Why Gus Fox Sales Training is Free?

Our founder, Gus Fox, has become aware that the vast majority of new insurance agents become licensed to set themselves up to become a victim of an unscrupulous recruiting MLM scam. Many of these new agents are actually capable of earning a living in this industry, but become victimized as an initiation to the industry.

Gus Fox has partnered with leading franchise law attorneys that help MLM victims become whole.

Gus Fox has partnered with leading insurers that prefer that top-level agents be directly contracted with the carrier.

Gus Fox has partnered with leading insurance agent centric technology companies that are advertiser supported. This concept allows you to use the technology and then decide if you want to pay extra to "hide" adverts.

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Amazing Results. My income Zoomed Up!

Every Tool and advice that Gus Fox gives over is obvious. I got fooled when I first became an insurance agent. Thank you Gus for setting me in the right direction.

Lenny Young, Nevada

Incentive Based Marketing is Huge!

I cannot thank you enough. You showed me such an obvious way to make money in the business. I just closed on a new house. My wife and kids bless you!

Felix Arguilla, Arizona

I Love the Bump in Compensation!

I worked with an MLM who claimed to have "highest compensation." What a joke. I called the carrier direct, spoke to Gus's contact and they gave me 45 points higher. One phone call. Thank you.

Elise Rizzo, New Jersey

Frequently Asked Questions

We know what we are offering sounds "to good to be true", yet this sales concept has done rather well lately.

An entity that solicits you to invest money and your labor with the expectation that you shall enjoy future rewards falls under Business Opportunity Sales Laws on the state level. The Business Opportunity must be registered with the state and provide you an "income disclosure statement", which lets you know honest numbers, in percentiles, of what the average business opportunity particpant actually earns.

The vast majority of insurance agent recruiting MLMs are in violation of this law and are subject to civil penalities if sued and criminal penalities if the state Attorney General prosecutes.

228,271 Americans became new insurance agents in the year 2020. We do not only help new agents. Seasoned professionals will benefit from our services of expertise in all aspects of the insurance selling business.

Yes. Any sales organization would benefit from our expertise in insurance selling technology. Yet, captive companies are hesitant to refer insurance agents to us because we will always tell the agent of his best options to thrive in the insurance selling industry.

There is No Strings, Catches or Obligations. We can promise you that you will benefit from availing our services.

There is NO negative or risk. No one is asking you for your credit card number or signature. Our experience tells us that you may not become rich from our relationship, but our relationship will cause you to not get scammed by an unscrupulous MLM.

Most insurance companies prefer that its agents be directly contracted without a middleman.

On the other hand, the insurer does not want to assume the risk of bad debt. Insurance marketers that cater to poorly educated new recruits almost always employ illegal means in their recruiting and training. These illegalities do bring in some sales to the insurer.

Insurers that cater to the low-income are super-aware of the bad debt risk that new agents present

If the insurer believes that you are a professional that can provide them long term risk-free revenue, then the insurer wants you to have a direct contract.